Marmaris Cleopatra Tour

Marmaris Cleopatra Tour - Excursions in Marmaris

Marmaris Cleopatra Tour

Island of Cleopatra – a sea cruise on the bay of the Aegean coast – the Gulf of Gokova. On a 2-deck boat, you will go on a boat trip to the magnificent bays of the Aegean Sea, make a stop on the island of Sedir, where the famous Cleopatra beach with unique calibrated sand – small hollow inside grains of sand have the ability to not be heated, the effect of peeling, the ability to soothe skin irritation.

You will pass on an excursion inland and inspect the ancient settlement Kedrai: Greek theater, the agora, the Apollo Temple columns of stones in the shape of hearts, the remnants of the fortress wall. In addition to the landing on the island of Sedir, you will find several stops on swimming in the open Aegean Sea.

Time: Departure from the hotel at about 9 am, return at 6 pm, time to the wharf – 30-40 minutes.

Meals: Lunch is included (continental: white meat chicken, green salad, pasta, bread, fruit of the season).

Additional payments: all the drinks on the boat (not allowed to carry your own drinks to the boat).

Marmaris Cleopatra Tour  – Excursions in Marmaris

Rest of the sea can be enjoyed not only in Marmaris. The peninsula is surrounded by beautiful coves, sandy beaches, small islands with a kind of gentle or steep bank on four sides. Many of the bays of Marmaris can be reached both by sea and land.

Excursion to the island of Cleopatra – sea trip, whose main goal – visit the romantic island, named after the queen of Alexandria, successor to the Egyptian pharaohs, the Nile Cleopatra nymphs, geographically as Sedir Island is situated in the protected bay of Gokova. Gulf of Gökova washes the shores of the territory, where Bodrum, Milas, Marmaris and Datca, is considered the most beautiful bay in Turkey, where the sea crashes into the space covered by pine trees and pine rush to the sea.

After half an hour on the bus ride from Marmaris, you will arrive at a large boat with an indoor lounge and an open upper deck with sun beds and mattresses, where you can have a tan.

Sailed to the island of Sedir, you might go on an excursion inland and inspect Kedrai ancient settlement, founded in the 8th century BC – Greek theater, agora, stones in the shape of hearts, the altar, the remains of the columns of the temple of Apollo – the patron saint of the city, the sun god, patron of arts and sciences, healer-god predictor of the future.

Sedir – the legendary island that attracts foreigners and especially appreciated by the Turks – it is a beautiful beach with a unique sand. In fact, Cleopatra sand beach has some amazing qualities: the property is not heated, it has the effect of peeling and has a special structure – every grain of sand is in perfect spherical shape, hollow inside. Look at the locals – they rub them carefully, know its beneficial effects on the skin. How did this pearl sand come to be? There is a romantic, and natural-scientific version. At first, Mark Antony gave the island to his beloved Cleopatra, but the powerful and capricious woman did not like the gift as it was not comfortable to make love on the hot gray stones of the island, and then Mark Antony has equipped 12 galleys, which brought tens of tons of calibrated white sand the coast of North Africa, and thus earned the favor of the beautiful queen.

According to the second version, the sand is of volcanic origin, proof of this is the traces of volcanic tuff on the island. In any case, on this unique beach, the sand is not renewed every year and shallow, sinking a few centimeters, so the Turkish authorities decided to take it under protection and limit the access of tourists. Special attention is given to the beach in the bay of Cleopatra’s island: it is impossible to count the surprising number of shades of blue, green, and blue, which succeeded each other literally with every step.

You had dinner in a picturesque bay on the bottom of Olives covered deck of the boat, after an excursion to the island.

You will be taken back to your hotel for dinner at around 6 pm.

Cleopatra tour price includes:

– Transfer from and to the hotel

– Tickets to Cleopatra Beach

– Lunch on the boat

– English-speaking guide

– Insurance

Additional charges for Marmaris Cleopatra Tour:

– Drinks on the boat

– Personal spending

– Professional photographer

You must bring:

– Bathrobes, Towels

– Sunglasses and accessories (sun lotion, hat, etc.)

Cleopatra tour schedule:

Departure: 09.45 – 10.00
Check-in: 17.00 – 17.30