Excursions in MarmarisExcursions in Marmaris
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Rhodes Tour from Marmaris

Rhodes Tour from Marmaris

Only 40 minutes from Marmaris on a comfortable catamaran, you will be on the island of Rhodes! In the morning, the guide will come to your hotel and guide you to the port. The road will take around 15 minutes.

The ferry leaves roughly about 9:00 in the morning, and you’ll be back in Marmaris around 18:00, and dinner will be already at your hotel. Additional charge for food and drinks during the tour. Includes: ferry tickets for both directions, taxes, port transfer, transfer to the hotel and return to Marmaris.

One of the most beautiful islands of Greece with a rich history and beautiful views, the island of Rhodes will leave you with unforgettable memories. Once the Sun God Helios asked his beloved nymph Rhodes for her hand in marriage. In her honor, the island got this name. In ancient times, Rhodes was an important commercial and cultural center. Sculptures found here are the gems of the collections the most famous museums in the world (the Vatican Museum, the Metropolitan Museum, the Louvre), and of course, stored in the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, which you can visit at will.

In the Middle Ages, under pressure from the Knights of troops of Suleiman the Magnificent, the knights that resided here ran away to Malta and they became known as the Knights of Malta. Here, on the territory of the Old Town, there is an open-air theater where various performances are held regularly. The ruins of an ancient temple of Aphrodite, the medieval street of the Knights, Mosque of Suleyman, St. John’s Gate, and a myriad of other unique architectural monuments of different eras are to be found here.

There is also the Butterfly Valley. It is home to millions of butterflies attracted by the smell of styrax tree resin. The resin of these trees smell reminiscent of vanilla and is used in the production of incense. You can also visit countless authentic Greek taverns and souvenir shops while you’re here.