Marmaris Travel Guide - Excursions in Marmaris

Marmaris Travel Guide


General information about Marmaris

Marmaris is internationally known as the apple of Turkey’s eye when it comes to the sea and going on vacation. It is definitely a sought after place to look for a holiday, it offers you a variety of different activities to do, from staying at luxurious hotels, having fun at night clubs, relaxing in cafes, spending your day on a sandy beach with crystal clear blue waters to going on different tours around the whole area, the options are seemingly endless!

Why should I even bother going to Marmaris?

Marmaris is world-renowned as a multicultural holiday town, prized for its natural beauty in terms of the sea and surrounding forests. There are countless options which will suit any type of person you can think of, lets say you are a person who likes action and fun, well there are lots of things to do such as paragliding, jetskiing, local land and sea tours and night clubs. Or if you’re more of the chill type, you could just spend your day lounging on the beach and have the best of Turkish food in high-dining restaurants. This place is also very suitable for the family as there are many things you could together, so its not only for grown ups. Marmaris is an hour away from the international airport located in Dalaman, making it one of the easiest to reach place from your city right to where you’ll be spending your holiday.


Things you can do in Marmaris

One of the best and easiest ways to explore Marmaris and find its beauty is to go on offroad tours, which will take you around and in every crack and crevice there is to see. There are many safari tours which take you to all the touristic locations waiting for you to see. In the heart of this bay, you can visit its castle and take a dip in its rejuvinating water, and go for a bath in a traditional Turkish Hamam to be rid of your body’s weight and toxins. The shoreline offers you a beautiful view of the surrounding area and mountain range, while also bearing you an ocean ready for you to explore by snorkeling, whether you are new to it or not, you’ll definitely have a lot of pleasure in doing so. You could go on a private yacht trip which will take you all around the bay and serve you delicious Turkish food crafted with passion and skill which you can taste in every bite. It’s possible to go to the Island Of Rhodes via a boat trip across with a ferry. It has countless historical sites for those of you who love achaeology and would like to see what life was like centuries ago. A location you shouldn’t miss is the ancient city of Caunos. People open to trying food which belongs to different cultures won’t have a problem here as Turk’s culinary skills are astonishing. There are loads of restaurants which serve regional and foreign dishes as to whatever you fancy at the time. And for you wine critics out there, theres a huge variety of delicious and exotic wines which is definitely worth a taste. Marmaris truly is a special place for people who love to try new foods. This bay houses a large number of night clubs which present you music and karaoke night, these clubs are usually open till 4am and for you hard party people you can carry on until the sun rises in special boat club. Couples may consider hopping aboard the Moonlight Cruise ship and have a nice time drinking and dancing with each other under the night sky. You can find a lot of places to stay and relax and rid yourself of any thoughts that may be troubling you. Whether you’re planning to have a party-filled holiday with your mates or looking to have a wild holiday with your family doing action packed activities in the sea, Marmaris is the place to go and have a rewarding vacation you’ve been waiting for all year.

marmaris-4Water sports in Marmaris

Could you possibly visualize a holiday without any adrenaline or thrills to make your heart skip a beat? 

Well Marmaris is full of neverending water sports and activities. Kitesurfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, canoeing and wakeboarding is just a small number of many things to do.

All the activity providers in Marmaris are professionally trained and correctly licensed. When it comes to water sports, safety is their number one priority and is regularly controlled by the government itself. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to if you wish to make a reservation in any one of these water sports activities you may be interested in.


Marmaris Travel Guide – Culture and History


As you probably know or will see that a huge part of Turkish culture involves being warm-hearted and sociable, they can usually speak with a person they just met for hours on end. Foreigners are usually flabbergasted an flattered by this kind of nature, you’ll be able to experience this in Marmaris altogether.


The exact establishment date is not known, but Physkos (Marmaris’s previous name) was founded as part of the Carian empire in the 6th century B.C. Lydians invaded Physkos in 334 B.C and parted from the Roman empire of Alexander The Great to certify its independence. Local legend says that Suleiman  The Great despised of the castle’s architecture and yelled “mimari as” which means “hang the architect” which in time shaped into the name “Marmaris” but theres no evidence to back this up.


Marmaris houses an intriguing landscape with mountains full of pine forests, distant and hidden coves, beautiful shorelines, some of which cannot be reached by land but only by sea. The diffuculty to acess the western coastline may be one of the biggest factors of Marmaris staying as it is and not expanding, therefore preserving its serene state.

marmaris-7Marmaris’s nightlife and Marmaris’s nightclubs

Well then, what do you think the reason we go on vacations is? To see and first handedly experience a different culture? To see remnants of a civilization which took place centuries ago? Or to simply relax at the beach day by day? Well all of these could be a choice, but the main reason is usually to experience the night life, away from home and work, to just clear your mind and be with your loved ones right? Its not just about going to bars and clubs every night but simply having a few drinks out on the beach with your mates is a part of experiencing the Turkish night life, but theres definitely quite a bit more to it than that.

Marmaris is one of the few places which pop up in mind when you think about Turkish nightlife. Its located on a famous shorline and houses every need to truly experience Turkish nightlife. Fancied by people coming in for a vacation or even residents themselves, you will find that in every street and on every corner there are lots of restaurants, bars and clubs, at least a few of which will spark an interest and make you go in. They serve thousands of people with different likes and needs, so you’ll be sure to find the right place for you.  Restaurants serve the best of food from the finest cuisines from all areas of the world. Night clubs and bars have a lot of different activities and attractions, ranging from Turkish dancing nights, oriental belly dancing shows to drag shows, and a lot more! You will usually find clubs which are open to 2am or 4am but you can also find some which stay open till sunrise. There is also a huge range of sports pubs, so you won’t miss any games back at home if you’re interested.

The well renowned “Bar Street”marmaris-8

The location owns up to its name. Its hidden a street above the restaurants on the shoreline. The street itself is narrow but full of lively nightclubs at least one of which will reach out to your type of music. The prices for drinks on this street are a bit higher compared to most other bars in Marmaris. The clubs are free of charge for entry, unless theres a party or occasion taking place in which a ticket is needed. Locations on this street are usually open until 4am.