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Aqua Park “Aqua Dream” in Marmaris

Aqua Park "Aqua Dream" in Marmaris

Aqua Park “Aqua Dream” in Marmaris

Aqua Park “Aqua Dream” in Marmaris is a favorite destination of active pastime in the resort town of Marmaris.

Aqua Park “Aqua Dream” in Marmaris was built in 2006 on one of the highest hills of the supermarket Migros, and is visible from almost any point of the coast.

Aqua Park “Aqua Dream” in Marmaris, located in the hills on the outskirts of Marmaris, boasts a range of entertainment for all ages. It takes up to 2000 people everyday, offering visitors unlimited use of 24 different slides, suitable for children and adults.

On the roller coaster “Multi-slide,” “Family” and “Lazy River” entertain the whole family. For young children, there is a pool with animations and fun toys. Gorki “Black Hole” and “Kamikaze” will pump adrenaline in your blood!

The Aqua Park also has several swimming pools (one with artificial waves) and a relaxation area with loungers. If you’re tired of swimming and fun, you can relax under the sun and enjoy the beauty of seascapes. Aqua Dream undoubtedly appeal to all members of your family.

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