Excursions in MarmarisExcursions in Marmaris
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Off-Road – Jeep Safari in Marmaris

Jeep Safari in Marmaris

Jeep Safari in Marmaris

With experienced drivers, you are in an open-top jeep, under the fiery music, on your way to the mountains in the Turkish hinterland. Within the program, you will visit the old village, go to the mosque, make a wish at the ancient tree, get acquainted with the traditional way of life of the Turkish home, taste delicious fresh honey, swim in a mountain waterfall, take a walk on the legendary “Maiden Sand” beach Kiz-Kumu and, of course, ride in a jeep through the mountain roads, rivers, and trails.

Time: Departure from the hotel at about 10 am, returning at 5 pm.

Meals: Lunch is included in the trout farm (a la carte: fish / chicken / burgers, lettuce, rice, bread).

Additional fees: Any drinks on the tour.

Jeep Safari in Marmaris

The tour by jeep here, in the vicinity of Marmaris, will not disappoint you or your children. With experienced and careful drivers and guides in an open-top jeep, under the fiery music you will go into the mountains. On winding mountain roads, breathing crystal clear cool mountain air saturated with the aromas of Mediterranean pine trees, flowering plants and trees (amber, oak, sycamore, almonds, wild olive, lavender, barberry, oleander, laurel, thyme, sage, etc. ), admiring a breathtaking mountain landscape, encountering along the way tortoises, hedgehogs, squirrels, you come to a small settlement, located on a hillside.

There you’ll relax, meet people and take pictures with the main local inhabitants – friendly and sociable wild mountain goats, pet cows, goats and chickens, make a wish at the ancient sycamore tree, go to the local mosque, where you will be told about the peculiarities of the Muslim religion.

Then you’ll sit back in the jeep and go to an exemplary Turkish village. There, you will have a sweet treat – you’ll taste deservedly famous fresh honey, feel the amazing taste and aroma of pine, orange, cherry, mulberry honey, try “Turkish Viagra” – a source of health and longevity in these areas.

On the way, you will see a huge number of beehives. There you will get acquainted with the daily life of local residents, visit a traditional Turkish house. For lunch, you will go to a cozy restaurant in the mountains, where there are bred trout, which you can not only see, but also order for lunch. Freshly grown vegetables will be served to you at the dinner table.

Then you’ll go to the waterfalls on the mountain with small but wonderfully beautiful rapids, clear, clean & fresh water where you can not only listen to the music of the running water, enjoy the scenery, but also a swim and jump from a low altitude in the churning waters of the waterfall pools. Next, you are going into a very popular tourist destination; the beach of the Aegean Sea, Kiz Kumu,

which means “Maiden Sands” when translated. Get accustomed to the islands surrounding the bay, on one of them you will see the castle. According to one version of the legend in the village of Orhan lived a beautiful girl and a handsome young boy, they love each other, but their families were enemies, as families Montagues and Capulets in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The girl’s father was strongly opposed to the choice of his daughter and wanted to end her feelings. He imprisoned his daughter in a castle in the hope that her daughter will not see the boy, and forget it. The young man spent his days and nights at the walls of the fortress, to catch a glimpse of her or hear her voice, but without success, and then, unable to bear the separation from his beloved, he boarded a ship and sailed to the open sea. She saw him from the window of the fortress, took a moment and ran away. She ran across the sea hoping to catch up with her loved one, sand rained down in front of them, and lining their path into the sea… And what ended the story and why women tend to go deep into the sea on this spit you will learn from your guide 🙂

On the sand, among large concentrations of tourists, you will spend about 20-30 minutes, and swim in the open Aegean Sea, go to a secluded, charming wild beach of the Gulf of Hisaronu. And then, on another route, crossing the bed of a mountain river, we’ll go back to Marmaris.