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Rafting Tour in Marmaris

Rafting Tour in Marmaris

Rafting Tour in Marmaris

Rafting Tour in Marmaris is the most exciting and pleasing activity in Marmaris. Everyone, who visits, should test this fantastic tour. You will exactly feel this bravery and endurance by way of rafting. The remembrances of Rafting Tour in Marmaris will stay with you, when you are back to your country and it will last during the lifetime.

Rafting Tour in Marmaris is being held on the Dalaman River. The road from Marmaris to Dalaman takes about one and a half hours. Dalaman River consists of two separate difficulties, and the fusion takes place in two stages.

The upper stage of the river has a level of R3. Thresholds are 3-4 levels of complexity. The lower stage of the river has a level of R2. This stretch is considered to be the most preferred for beginners. Part of this section of the river has a level of R1, and even children can participate in that part.

Thrill-seekers are invited to rafting on the crystal clear river of Dalaman on inflatable boats – rafts. Through rafting in the hot days of rest between invigorating and rough waters Dalaman River, you can distance yourself from the heat of the city. You will spend a cool and thrilling day. Special expertise is not required. Rafting takes about 3 hours and is 12 km long.

Minibuses will take you to the mountains through the scenic mountain roads. Just before the start, detailed instructions will be given on the use of equipment, safety information, the general rules on the water. At least once in a lifetime, we recommend you to participate in this entertaining and fun adventure. In the course of your journey on rafts, unforgettable emotions guaranteed.

Children under 16 are not eligible for rafting.

The price includes dinner. Drinks are excluded.